"Finding Your Vision with Inspiration Boards" is tomorrow night!

"Finding Your Vision with Inspiration Boards" is tomorrow night!

Remember! Tomorrow night (aka Thursday) at 7pm at Gone Wired/The Avenue we will be having our hands on prep workshop “Finding Your Vision with Inspiration Boards”.

If you have any old magazines lying about your home, office, etc. we encourage you to bring those along to create a diverse assortment of options.

Not sure with workshop I’m talking about? Here’s the description:

Join us for a fun evening of cutting, pasting and bringing your vision to life with an inspiration board. Before you have a panic attack, no, we do not expect you to know what your main character (MC) prefers for breakfast or their goal in life or even who they are. The idea of an inspiration board is to find images, words, etc. that jive with you and the world you’re going for so that you can revisit them when you get stuck in the writing process. You can use this time to refine and visualize a world and characters that you’ve already decided or as a starting point for this year’s novel.

See you there!

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