It's alive, IT'S ALIVE!

It's alive, IT'S ALIVE!

For all of you who read that subject line with Frankenstein-esque, mad scientist grandeur – thank you and you’re welcome. (You may also insert the appropriate Skynet reference for the website being a living thing.)

Anyway… earlier this week the NaNoWriMo website did its big update for 2013. If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely head over and check out how shiny it is.

While you’re there, here are a few other things you should do:

1. Update Your Author Info

Even if you’ve done NaNo before you’ll want to check to make sure all of your information is correct. You do have to manually update your previous NaNo experience. If you’ve participated in the past, scroll down to the bottom of the edit page to check off your years done & won.

To get to the edit screen, sign in and go to ‘My NaNoWriMo’ then click on ‘Author Info’. Any widgets showing on the page should have an edit button in the upper right hand corner.

2. Add Your Novel

Even if your current title is ‘I Don’t Know,’ by putting any information in about your 2013 novel we know that you’re planning to be an active Wrimo this year. This can also be found under the ‘My NaNoWriMo’ section.

3. Introduce Yourself

We want to get to know you! Stop in at our region’s introduction thread and tell us a little about yourself. Annette and I have already been by, so this is also your first opportunity to learn od and random facts about us that you may not yet know.

If you’re a newbie, or just want a refresher, you may also want to check out our NaNo101 thread and Helpful Links & Resources thread.

P.S. If you haven’t yet homed to our region but are planning to participate with NaNoLansing, go to ‘Local Events’ and select ‘Find a Region’. If you’re getting this via email you should have us showing there. If not, you can search for us in the ‘Other Regions’ section. Either way, all it takes is a click from there to make us your home. Mi casa, su casa and all of that.

4. Explore

There are some cool new features hiding out around the site like an updated notifications system, the ability to watch forum threads, and the wonderous new WYSIWIG editor aka you don’t have to know any HTML anymore to bold things and add links and all of that. Yay!

Also, make sure to stop by the NaNo Flair section to get 2013 badges and banners to add to your blog, Facebook page, etc.

Those are just a few of the things. I’ll let you have the joy of discovery of the rest for yousrselves, but I will say you may want to stop by the homepage after you’ve made this little journey of updating for the new year 😉

Upcoming Events

Don’t forget about the “Are you ready to NaNoWriMo?” workshop this Saturday (2pm @ The Avenue Cafe).

Also, if you’re planning on coming to our Kick-Off on October 27, please a moment to let us know by signing up here.

That’s all for now. Have a great day!

Alaina (A_Rachelle) & Annette (Contemplative Cat)
Co-Municipal Liasions, USA::Michigan::Lansing

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