NaNo 2013 Is Upon Us!

NaNo 2013 Is Upon Us!

As I was driving back into town yesterday I couldn’t help but noticed how the trees were already beginning to turn into the deep reds and golds of fall, which reiterated to me that Fall is officially here and NaNo 2013 is at hand.

Here’s the lowdown of what we have planned so far…

– NaNo Prep Events –

With one month to go, Contemplative Cat and I wanted to help you guys have a fabulous NaNo year with some events to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running Nov. 1st.

Topics include:

  • “Are You Ready to NaNoWriMo?” Workshop
  • Finding Your Vision with Inspiration Boards
  • The Plot Thickens
  • Breathing Life Into Your Characters

Learn more about these here.

– Kick-Off Party –

Mark your calendars! Our kick-off party will be October 27, 2013, from 1-4pm at The Avenue Cafe. Keep an eye out for more details to come and/or register here to get all of the updates about the Kick-Off Party specifically.

– Write-Ins –

These are what we have confirmed so far:

Thursday Nights – ML
7 pm
Old Chicago Pizza (Marsh Road)

Saturday Mornings – ML
11 am
The Avenue Cafe

– The Rest of the Sundry –

Site Updates

The NaNoWriMo site is set to update on October 1, 2013, including clearing out our old threads and adding a bunch of cool new things. Once everything is up and shiny we’ll drop you a regional message on some of those cool new things and brand spanking new 2013 threads.

Tell us more!

We would love to hear from you on what you would like out of your NaNo this year. Waiting with eager anticipation for the return of the Guilt Monkeys? Hoping for a mid-month write-a-thon? Looking for a write-in in another part of town? Let us know by taking a couple of minutes to fill out this survey with your hopes, dreams, and fears for this November.

Also, if you were with us last year and didn’t have a chance to fill out our end of year survey there’s still time! Go here to fill it out now.

We’re super excited for this year and hope that you are too!

Alaina (A_Rachelle)
& Annette (Contemplative Cat)
Co-Municipal Liasions, USA::Michigan::Lansing

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This is a slightly edited version of a regional broadcast message originally sent out through the NaNoWriMo site on October 1, 2013.

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