Week 4 – The Week of Valor and Completion

Week 4 – The Week of Valor and Completion

We’re in the last week of NaNoWriMo.  Some of us are blazing trails with our novels, others are ahead of schedule, still others are running a little behind and others are looking at their word counts wondering if they should just shuck it all now.  Regardless of where we are, the end of this week marks the completion of our NaNo journey.

If you’re one of the ahead of schedule folks, congratulations!  You can rest in your accomplishments or use the energy of the week to finish your novel – which is my plan.

If you find yourself behind in the game, you can draw upon the strength of the ninja to forge ahead toward the end, diligently writing every day seeing your word counts rise.

If you feel so far behind, you're unsure you can catch up, you don’t have to give up.  If you still want to go for it, remember that magical things have happened in the last week of NaNo.  Several fearless Ninja Wrimos have made it into the hall of records by writing more than half their novel during the last few days of the month.  You too could find yourself in the annuls of amazing.  If you have the will, you can make it happen.

Like a ninja be ingenious and find creative ways to get your words in.  Is it time for a journal entry?  Will your MC break out in song?  Should they daydream what they are planning and in the process lay out your future plot points.  There are all kinds of creative ways to increase your word count and now is the time to use them – no holds barred.  We will cheer you on every step of the way!

Perhaps you just don't have it in you to try for the 50K.  Regardless of where you are in your process, your bravery brought forth a new creation.  There is no failure.  You've succeeded in writing more words than you would have before this month began.  You can feel proud of that.  So Yea You!  Celebrate!

Activities for the week:

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Holidays give many of us time off from school and work.  Write in between bites of turkey and pie and watch your word counts rise.

Virtual Write Ins:
Check out the chat rooms.  I’ll be there on and off throughout the week and even if our chat room is quiet, you can jump in on other regional word wars.  It's a great way to motivate yourself to get more words written.

Write Ins:

  • Saturday 11-30 11 am to 2 pm Pie Factory EL
  • Saturday 11-30 7 pm to Midnight – Last Blast Get Your Words In Party and Write In – Old Chicago.

Even if you’ve reached your 50K, you can still write with us – and pass out those last guilt monkeys.  😉  It’s always a blast to wring in the 1st together.  I have new prizes for our Cauldron of Doom word sprints and candy. Lots of candy.  😛

TGIO Party:

Sunday 12-1 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm will be our TGIO Party at the Haslett Library.

  • Book exchange – bring a book to share.
  • Nominate fellow wrimos here.  We'll be passing out award certificates at the party (and will have .pdfs available on our website for those unable to attend.)
  • Prizes for Guilt Monkeys
  • Win your very own NaNoRhino
  • It's a pot luck.  Please let us know what you're bringing here.
  • RSVP here.

Validate Your Novel:
You haven't officially won NaNo until the word count validator says so.  For step by step information on how to do that (with visuals), check out our Winning NaNoWriMo FAQ thread.

Shout out your Success!
Share yours or someone else's win with the rest of us at the Winner's Hall of Fame thread.

Cheering you all on at the finish line!  (Where ever that winds up being for you.)

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