Week One – Shinobi

Week One – Shinobi

Happy 12:01, everybody, and welcome to Week One of NaNo 2013!

As Contemplative Cat and I were planning for this year we decided that on a local level we would be celebrating the year of the ninja.

Ninjas are an interesting group when you look back at their history, but what caught my attention about them going into this first week was their name. While we here in the west call them ninjas, according to Wikipedia it’s native kun’yomi kanji reading is pronounced shinobi – a connotation of “to steal away” and “to forbear”.

What does that have to do with NaNo?

As we go into this month we all have goals of what we would like to have when our 30 days come to a close. There will be days when writer’s block strikes, when your characters revolt, and when you realize you’ve somehow completely lost the plot.

Like the ninja, we’ll need to steal away. We’ll need to find those places where we become invisible to the world and the world to us so that we can reach our goals. There are things that we’re going to need to resist and go into avoidance maneuvers so that we don’t get off track. Some days our patience will be tested (see the writer’s block, etc. above) but if we focus and persevere then at the end of the month we’re going to have done something that’s magic – just like the fabled abilities of the ninjas of old.

Now that I’ve written far more than intended, here are our upcoming write-ins for the week…

First Day (aka today)
Grand Traverse Pie Company
East Lansing

Check Twitter for updates as the day progresses

Saturday Afternoon – ML
Grand Traverse Pie Company
East Lansing

This will be a morning write-in the rest of the Saturdays.

Monday Night – Library
CADL Downtown Branch

Thursday Night – ML
Old Chicago Pizza

– The Rest –

Name The Rhinos

We want to make sure you all get a chance to chip in, so check out this thread on naming our friendly NaNoRhino mascots.


Curious about the Tardis? A broke wrimo who would like to get a halo? Clink the links to find out more.

Also, region fundraising rewards will be going up this week, so keep an eye out for the thread. We’re finalizing details, but I can tell you that our rewards start at $1000. That’s $5.35 a homed member based on our current numbers, but it also includes Tardis donations, silent auction funds, etc.

That’s all for now, so get writing!

Alaina (A_Rachelle) & Annette (Contemplative Cat)
Co-Municipal Liasions, USA::Michigan::Lansing

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