Week Three – Practice Perseverance

Week Three – Practice Perseverance

Week three has well and truly begun, my Wrimos. We have passed the midpoint. Some have battled in Midway. Some have stunned us all with their writing speed (and in so doing heard only the most loving of ‘I hate you’s). Some of us have had ‘life’ happen throughout our first few weeks of NaNo and cannot believe it’s already so late in the month. We could really use a good 5,000 or 10,000 word day.

I say us because I am totally with you guys. These last few weeks have been hectic and crazy and despite getting a cushion in early on my word count is showing it.

This week is all about perseverance. We’ve crossed through week one of excitement and week two of the doldrums. Next week will be a race to the finish, but this week is about getting it done.

Ninjas had a lot of different skills that they mastered, among them perseverance and patience. They learned techniques like uzura-gakure, which is to curl into a ball and remain still so as to be taken for a rock. They carved out footholds and climbed walls and disguised themselves to blend into their surroundings. None of these are simple skills and, personally, I’m not sure I could stay in a ball long enough to be taken for a rock.

That’s where perseverance comes in.

Keep your eye on the prize. What do you want to have at the end of the month? 15,000 words? 50,000 words? 100,000 words? Whatever it is, hold tight to it and persevere (and back up your novel). Take each day and conquer it. Your characters may be running amok. Your plot line may be shifting. Never the less, persevere. We believe in you.

If you need some Ninja Tools to help you out, check out Contemplative Cat’s message from Week Two.

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Thursday Night – ML
Old Chicago Pizza

Saturday Morning – ML
Grand Traverse Pie Company
East Lansing

– The Rest –


Congrats, everyone! We have surpassed our first fundraising goal! As Contemplative Cat and I promised, there will be a video. What the video contains will depend upon what happens between now and the 30th. You are close to getting dancing. A little further off from some Kung Foo Fighting.

Watch out for news and updates here.

TGIO Party

Mark your calendars (if you haven’t already)! The TGIO party is coming up on December 1 and we would love to see you all there.

Check out this thread to get all the details.

That’s all for today. Happy writing!

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Originally broadcast Nov. 19, 2013.

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