Charmed, If You Will

Charmed, If You Will

As you may have heard, we’re pretty charmed this year as in you can win charms by participating in the Cauldron of DOOOM. If you’ve acquired one of our handy dandy goodie bags, that’s why there’s a key ring on your bottle o’ inspiration.

For your plotting purposes, allow me to share with you the charms that will be available at write-ins. We are releasing them by week, so look for new posts at the beginning of each new NaNo week.

Thusly, here are all of the charms you can acquire as of the ML write-in this Tuesday, November 11th at Old Chicago.

Kick-Off Charms: N, A, O, Guilt Monkey, Plot Bunny


Week 1: bee, arrow, lightbulb, book (gone)


Week 2: Shovel of Death, skeleton key, regular key, genie lamp (gone)


Week 3: gear, angel wing, octopus, dragon (gone)
NaNoCharms wk 3

Week 4: rabbit moon, sand castle(limited), spider(limited), pawn (limited), crown (limited)
NaNoCharms wk 4

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