Week 2 – Time for Renewed Steam in our Creative Airship

Week 2 – Time for Renewed Steam in our Creative Airship

We started week 1 with the joy and enthusiasm of unbridled creativity.  We set sail together on our steampunk airship called the NaNoLansing Sojourner.  Led by your flight captains Contemplative Cat and A_Rachelle, our group of ragtag writer enthusiast wrimos took off on the adventure of a lifetime.  The steam was flowing through our writing letting us ride the stream of ingenuity.

And then week 2 came.  Perhaps your family and friends are questioning why you are doing this.  Perhaps you have some naysayers who even doubt it’s possible.  Perhaps you too are questioning your ability to achieve this seemingly impossible thing called NaNoWriMo.

That’s where hanging onto the philosophy behind steampunk will pull you through.  We took off on this improbable journey filled with endless possibilities.  Those possibilities are still there.  Just like the steampunk captains who built and piloted those unlikely contraptions of creative and brilliant gadgetry, we too can ignore any doubts from ourselves or others and pilot our creativity on – bringing new life to our novels.

When you look at those scenes you wrote and start to believe the lies of the unimaginative, just leave them there and start a new scene.  Your acquaintances are starting to tell you you’re crazy?  Write them into your story and have at them.  Use all of your life experiences now to add steam to your novel.  Who cares if you just went from a romantic love story to a death by shovel?  Keep writing.  Your creative juices will start to return.  They really will.

The world and your environment will provide the raw materials needed to forge ahead, just like our steampunk heroes have done.  And then when you finish week 2, you can be proud that you didn’t jump ship.  You stayed with your ship mates and hunkered through the darkness and you can see the dawn breaking just on the horizon as you pass the half-way point.

To help fill you with more steam, I’ll remind you of these resources:

Write ins:
Thursday 11-13
Go Green, Go Write 11-15
Battle of Midway 11-15
Tuesday 11-18 Old Chicago

Daily writing prompts

Chat room.

Now go forth and pour some steam into those novels!

Annette aka Contemplative Cat
Your co-captain of the Airship NaNoLansing Sojourner aka co-Municipal Liaison for USA::Michigan::Lansing

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