Week 4 – Believe in Your Potential for Greatness

Week 4 – Believe in Your Potential for Greatness

It’s week 4. Some of your friends are sprouting their winning purple bar, others are like me and waiting to validate until I have more words. Some are right where they need to be, others are a little behind and then some are ready to give up.

For those who have won. Congratulations! Well Done! Go share your joy in the Winner’s Hall of Fame Thread.

For those of you like me who are waiting to validate your novels – don’t wait too long. They need to be validated by 11-30-14 at 11:59 pm. If you need information on how to validate, check out our Winning NaNo FAQ thread.

The people I want to talk with right now though are those of you who look at your word counts and are ready to give up.

DON’T GIVE UP! No matter how improbable your winning seems, believe in your potential for greatness!

Look at the Steampunk world. Steampunk technology is completely improbable and yet it works. One foundational idea behind the steampunk movement is the greatness of human potential and the human potential for greatness! You have it in you to be great! Yes you. *points at you* Yes, I really do mean you. YOU can be GREAT!

One article on steampunk philosophy says it perfectly :

“Steampunk is unrepentantly optimistic, intentionally calling upon the past for the inspiration to build a better future, free ourselves of limiting inequities, and to make a place where each individual is empowered to explore their own creativity.”

Steampunk looks at recycling, reusing and repurposing items. When it comes to NaNo – draw upon that ideology and recycle some of your old ideas. Repurpose your old plot lines. Send your character off on a side pursuit which will add backstory, character depth and words.

But whatever you do – DON’T GIVE UP!

Every year we see multiple wrimos achieve the improbable and write 20 to 30K words in the last few days of the month. You can do that! Yes, you can! I’m actually trying to get another 15K in by the end of the month and I’ve been notorious for slacking off this past week, but I’m still going to do my darnest to make that happen.

Imagine how great you will feel having accomplished the improbable. Imagine that beautiful purple bar and the cheers of the NaNo staff when you win! Doesn’t that feel wonderful? So don’t give up. Achieve greatness and keep going!

To help you with your goal we have 3 more write-ins planned:

  • Online write in – Friday 11-28-14 from 2 to 4 pm in the NaNoLansing Chat Room. Be sure to allow time to register if you haven’t done so already.  More info in this thread.  Be sure to give yourself enough time to register to use the chatroom.
  • Saturday 11-29-14 from 11 am until 2 pm – EL Grand Traverse Pie Company.  Thread with more info here.
  • Sunday 11-30-14 from 9 pm until Midnight – Last Blast Get Your Words in Write In – Old Chicago, Okemos

Whether you win or not, you are still much farther ahead then you were at the beginning of the month. Your novel is taking form and that’s wonderful.

Annette aka Contemplative Cat
Your co-captain of the Airship NaNoLansing Sojourner aka co-Municipal Liaison for USA::Michigan::Lansing

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