You Can Do This!

You Can Do This!

It’s Thanksgiving week.  We’re heading into the final stretches of NaNo. Whether you are at your recommended 41667 words, have finished or are way behind and feel like your novel is stuck and going nowhere – Don’t give up. You may feel like your novel is going nowhere. You might wonder why you even started this project. You might feel like you want to divorce your novel and leave it behind in the dust. Don’t do it. Keep on writing.

I was looking for some inspiring quotes on this subject and found this one that really fits.

“Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” – Author Unknown

You may feel like everything you are writing is crap, but it isn’t. There really are bits and pieces of brilliance in there. You might have to sludge through some things when you edit {in December or beyond} but you will find them there. Keep writing and push through this stage and you’ll find yourself closer to “the end” and closer to your win and in the process you’ll reach a point where everything flows again. That’s right. Push on and you can find that key to unlock your creative juices again.

Here are some ideas to help you through:

  • Work on a subplot
  • Explore the motivations of one of your minor characters
  • Send your characters off on a side adventure
  • Grab one and leave one of our plot prompts.
  • Let yourself have desert or some other reward after you’ve written something.
  • Go to the chat room and find some word wars to join in or have one yourself by typing !startwar (# of minutes) (number of minutes before you start). I’ll be on and off there for the rest of the month. Look for my name without the |afk and I should be there shortly if not already.

Think you won’t have time during this holiday season? Here are some ideas to make the time.

  • Write while the turkey is cooking.
  • Take a “nap” after dinner and bring your laptop with you. While Grandpa is snoozing, you too can be away from kids, family and expectations alone with your novel.
  • Go to bed early and take your laptop with you.  While people think you are sleeping, your novel can be written.
  • Write on your smart phone, while in line shopping, in the restroom, anywhere really.
  • Dictate to Siri while you’re waiting for something, or as you walk the dog.
  • Have someone else drive to the family celebration and use that time to write. One year, one of my friends was able to write 10K words as her hubby was driving to and from the relatives for Thanksgiving!
  • Use every spare moment as a chance to write. I’ve done a majority of my writing this year in 15 to 20 minute stretches.
  • Write with others at our ML Sponsored write ins.

Other things:


If you’ve reached 50K – awesome! Congratulations! Our list of winners can be found here. Now be sure to validate your novel because you won’t have officially won until you do that.  Information on how to do that can be found here.

Staff Appreciation Day Wednesday 11-25:

NaNoWriMo staff do a whole lot to make this event happen and keep it fun for us. So much happens behind the scenes that we never see and they spend countless dedicated hours to provide this wonderful venue for us. It’s so easy to take things for granted, yet it is truly wonderful to hear that what you do really is appreciated.  Please let them know how much you appreciate them at these threads – Site & Message Board, Feedback & Suggestions and All Ages Coffeehouse.

Treat Yourself to A Beautiful Halo either by donating or through our Halo Relocation Program. And a huge thank you to all of you awesome people who have already donated.  You help make this all possible.

TGIO & Going Away Party for Alaina:

Be sure to RSVP to let us know you’re going. It will give me time to get your awards together. Also, let us know if and what you’ll be bringing for the potluck. The list can be found here.  More information can be found in this thread.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Now stretch those fingers and wrists and get back to writing. We’re cheering you on with each word you write. 

Encouragingly yours,
Annette (Contemplative Cat)
along withAlaina (A_Rachelle)
Your NaNoLansing Municipal Liaisons.

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