Come Celebrate Your Month and Say a Fond Farewell to Alaina!

Come Celebrate Your Month and Say a Fond Farewell to Alaina!

It’s December and NaNoWriMo is officially over, but our events aren’t.  We have one more left.

TGIO / Alaina’s Send Off Party
This Saturday (December 5th) is our Thank Goodness It’s Over (TGIO) and Going away potluck party for Alaina from 2 to 5 at the Okemos Public Library.

Whether you achieved 50K or didn’t write a word, come join us for food, fun, awards, games, prizes, planning for NaNo through the new year and our chance to see Alaina one last time before she moves.  You can find more details at this thread. If you want an award, you need to rsvp by Friday afternoon.  Even if you don’t rsvp in time and aren’t guaranteed an award, please come anyway.  Let’s give Alaina a great send off. Alaina has been a NaNoLansing ML for 9 years and is one of the founders of our region!  It would really be great to have a big turnout to celebrate her 9 years here.

You can rsvp here and add to the potluck list on this google doc.

Also, congratulations to everyone!  Yes, everyone!  For those who won – that’s so awesome!  We’re proud of you!  For those of you who wrote less than 50K, but finished your novel (thinks of Jim Hines), you rock.  You won, in my opinion!  For everyone who wrote anything, yay you!  You have more words toward your novel and you flexed your creative muscles and that’s great.

A big shout out to our 87 wrimos who passed the 50K mark.  For the *4 who haven’t validated yet and haven’t officially won, you can go to this thread and they will help you get your purple winner’s banner.

Our 2015 NaNoLansing 50K’ers are:
Sihaya48, dpennoni, cactusrose, Tricia LB Warren, kyleen66, Remmirath, Colleen Nye, jesirobe, FrancescaGrace, The_Riskbreaker, Pelhaesque, Nicolebi-Wan Kenobi, *coders11, Jayvsmooth, AuthorMegMatthews, Kaelk, Amsterdamned, nooneyouknow2012, sportmanteau, quedquis, girly1393, bookwriter2013, dinoegg1, IvyT, Aspigander, kyttyn, Cavebound Dragon, Contemplative Cat, ms-carter, shantel.dj21, SkylarkLanding, riverwoman, PurpleMadHatter, Chelle LaBelle, *M.Miller, Lena Chang, Hilary-Noelle, valentine220, estelraca, Kissa, _Terajin, Red-Star, TheLukeskywalker2, yomart501, Lori Holuta, Tango Aida 7, SnowWhite86904, A. Lewis Highdale, sigmaechoes, Brian Betcke, Ginnie O., WineAndCoffee, 15cfisk, ohh hey there, akivos, jhirst18, The_Bean, lgk-chan, Random_Gauge, memorysdaughter, autumnf, SparrowClef, noralellen, WhatKelseyWrote, allison_wonderland009, Eve Rebil, YuOfOwari22, MaggyMae78, CheyenneAutumn, writemydreams, Crystalwolf, MasterKisame, RightersBlock19, AbsentlyBumblebee, BariumCobaltNitrogen, Dani37654, gbjazzman, hijinx_redux, Sheari, Dawn Marie Gorman, *OverMyTop, MartyVee, *evanola, stargirlofthesea, Black_Robert, The-Not-So-Evil-Overlord, R. Lutz.

Donor Thank You
A great bit thank you to everyone who donated.  This is our best year ever in donations and it’s each one of you who ensure that this wonderful event can exist every year.

We also have 4 halos that can be given out to wrimos.  I’ll chip in the extra if a fifth would like one.  Just post in the Halo Relocation Thread.  Please get your requests in my Sunday because I’ll be writing out a check and sending the remaining Traveling TARDIS donations on Monday morning.

Be on the look out for a survey that will be sent out this weekend.  It will really help me to plan for next year, so your feedback, ideas and comments will be very welcomed.

This has been a wonderful NaNo and it’s been so much fun to see you at events, meet you on the threads and see your word counts rise.  You are the best!

I hope to see you Saturday at our party and for those that can’t come, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Annette (Contemplative Cat)
along with Alaina (A_Rachelle)
Your NaNoLansing Municipal Liaisons (MLs) aka your event coordinators, purveyors of fun, answerers of questions and senders of periodic regional messages to keep you in the loop.

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