Exciting News, Workshop Survey, Save the Date and FB, Calendar Changes

Exciting News, Workshop Survey, Save the Date and FB, Calendar Changes

As summer wraps up, the NaNo season kicks in and planning is already underway for this year.  We’ve got some news & info for you and would like your input as we firm up ideas.

First the most exciting news!

WELCOME to our new Co-Municipal Liaison (ML) – YuOfOwari22.
It’s official and I’m very excited to announce that YuOfOwari22 (Courtney) will be my Co-Municipal Liaison!  She is going to be a wonderful addition to our ML team and we’re lucky to have her here to help us.  Welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of MLing, Courtney!

SAVE THE DATE – Kick Off Party:
We’ve been busy working on our schedule of activities and want to give you time to be sure you can attend.  With plenty of advance notice, we have scheduled our Kick Off Party so please save the date now.  We’ll have write ins and other events firmed up later and will give you those dates as we finalize them.

Kick-Off Event:
Our kick off party this year will be on Sunday October 30 from 2 pm to 5 pm at the Avenue Café on Michigan Ave in Lansing.  More details will be coming later.

We’re working on pre-NaNo workshops and would like your input.  Please take a minute and complete our survey to give us your input asap.  The survey can be found here.  We will be working on firming up details in a few weeks and will let you know as soon as we have details.  Keep an eye out for future emails and check FB and Twitter.  And speaking of the book of face…

Facebook is making changes so you’ll see more posts from your friends and family in the news feed and fewer posts from the pages you follow. (In other words, NaNoLansing.) It’s great that posts from friends and family won’t be missed, but if you’d like to continue seeing NaNoLansing posts on a regular basis, just follow the instructions below.

1) Visit the NaNoLansing page by clicking the hyperlink on our name.
2) If you are on your mobile, tap on “following.” If you are on your desktop, tap on “liked.”
3) Select “see first.”


If you have synched your calendar with the NaNoLansing calendar, you may have to resync it as we’ve changed our email.  You can check to see if your synch is still active by checking for the Kick off event in October.  If it doesn’t show, you’ll need to resynch.

We’ve got an exciting year planned for you and will send more news as we get it.  If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to send us a NaNoMail.

Excitedly Yours,

Annette aka Contemplative Cat
along with Courtney aka YuOfOwari22
Your NaNoLansing Municipal Liaisons (ML) aka your event coordinators, purveyors of fun, answerers of questions and senders of periodic regional messages to keep you in the loop.

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