Welcome to our 4 Region School of Wordcraft and Wizardry!

Welcome to our 4 Region School of Wordcraft and Wizardry!

4 Region School of Wordcraft and Wizardry
House Heads: Annette/Contemplative Cat (Gryffindor), Beth/lachattefatale (Ravenclaw), Heather/kdskid007 (Hufflepuff), Lori/Flyleaf (Slytherin)

This year we are joining with 3 other regions in a combined group experience.  The mechanics of NaNo remain the same, but there is some added fun with friendly competitions between houses.  You can read more about it here.

Bold Gryffindor from wild moor,
Fair Ravenclaw from glen,
Sweet Hufflepuff from valley broad,
Shrewd Slytherin from fen.
~ J.K. Rowling

Dear Wrimo Word Wizard,

We’re all of the sort to be sorted, and some may be unsorted yet, but your region’s ML has been sort of sorted, whether by truth or by circumstance. Each one represents a strong House, whether shrewd, sweet, bold, or fair. And each one will host a Common Room (Slytherin’s more of a lair). We’ll all share an intro and a quick hello, and hope you’re the sort who’ll drop in once you’re sorted to visit your own Common Room.

Beth/lachattefatale: RAVENCLAW- USA::Oregon::Albany-Corvallis
I’m Beth, and I’m a Ravenpuff. That is, when I take online Harry Potter quizzes, I usually score about 50% Ravenclaw, 48% Hufflepuff, 2%Gryffindor, and a lot of please-not-Slytherin-thank-you. I’ll be your head of Ravenclaw House this November, and you can join the best, most scholarly novelists in the Ravenclaw Common Room to meet other Ravenclaw writers from Oregon, Michigan, and Massachusetts. My co-ML and Head Prefect of Ravenclaw, Jen/Scrollwork will also be on hand to help demonstrate that even though we Ravenclaws are all lofty intellectuals (ha!), we know how to have a good time.

Annette/Contemplative Cat: GRYFFINDOR- USA::Michigan::Lansing
When I’ve taken sorting tests, I tend to fall closely between several houses.  Some days I’m more Gryffindor, others more Ravenclaw with the other two houses popping up occasionally.  But as the head of Gryffindor, I’ll bravely and loyally assist you, my fellow Gryffindorians, with all of my heart.  My Co-ML, Courtney (YuOfOwari22) will be assisting as our Head Prefect and although she has sorted in different houses, she will faithfully help all of our brave Gryffindor Word Wizards too.  Like Lori, this is my 10th year doing NaNo and my 5th as an ML.  (Pretty cool that we both started at the same time.)  Hopefully this will be my tenth win too.  (Don’t want to break that winning streak.) This 4 region endeavor is something we’ve never done before and it’s so very exciting.  I hope you have just as much fun with this as we’ve had planning it for you all!  So join our daring and courageous group as we forge ahead in this adventure called NaNoWriMo and don’t forget to come hang out in our Gryffindor tower.  The fire is blazing, the chairs are comfy and the view is wonderful!

Heather/kdskid007: HUFFLEPUFF- USA::Michigan::Flint
Hey all! I’m Heather, co-ML of Michigan’s Flint region. My fellow MLs, Meg and Wendi, and I all tend to get sorted into other houses (I have a mighty snake within my soul) but we all believe that writers are people of all sorts, and Hufflepuff aligns with that view, so we are thrilled to be heading Hufflepuff House. I’ve been at NaNo since 2008, and have been an ML of Flint since 2012. Wendi has been my co since 2013, and Meg was our unofficial ML in 2012, moved to Japan to teach for a couple years, and re-joined us on the ML team in 2015. Once you’re sorted, stop on by our Hufflepuff Common Room and chat with your fellow Badgers. (Even if you’re not in Hufflepuff, stop by our other threads and chat up our wrimos. They’re a friendly bunch.)

Lori/Flyleaf: SLYTHERIN- USA::Massachusetts::Cape Cod
I’ve never completely fit in any one group and Hogwarts is no exception. Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw and Slytherin, an extended quiz placed me in Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. I call myself a RavenSlytherPuff, but I’m channeling my Slytherin side for the month of November. And I can’t wait. 10 years as a NaNoWriMo, 5 years as an ML, this is the one I’m looking forward to most. I’ll be working on fresh rewrites for my completely restructured steampunk/dreampunk Alice interactive adventure while living as a noveling wizard who’s getting in touch with her inner Bellatrix. Yep, We’re All Mad Here. Slytherins, come join the madness, uh… fun in our dungeon. The password rhymes with cake. (Feel free to bring cake. Or butterbeer. Love that stuff.)
“You could be great, you know, it’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.” -Rowling

Yours sincerely,
Annette/Contemplative Cat, Courtney/YuOfOwari22: GRYFFINDOR- USA::Michigan::Lansing
Beth (Elizabeth)/ lachattefatale, Jen/Scrollwork: RAVENCLAW- USA::Oregon::Albany-Corvallis
Heather/kdskid007, Meg/BlackberrySpark, Wendi/cgirl1979: HUFFLEPUFF- USA::Michigan::Flint
Lori/Flyleaf: SLYTHERIN- USA::Massachusetts::Cape Cod

Lansing Regional Announcements

Online – Ring In NaNo Write In with your MLs
Come join your MLs in our online regional chat room 10-31-16 from 11 pm to 1 am.
We’ll help each other get started a jump start on our words.
You will need to register if you haven’t done so already.

Prefer an in person event tonight?
Join Hillary-Noelle at the EL IHop on Grand River Ave. 10-31-16 beginning at 11 pm and going until 1:30ish.

Other ML sponsored Write Ins:
Please check this thread for the latest updates on ML sponsored write ins and our regional calendar listed on our regional forum for all of the local write ins that we know of.

Want more online write ins?
Please fill out this survey to let us know your preferred times.

Need/want to be sorted?
Check out this thread for more information.

Want to graphically see how your word count compares with your fellow wrimos?
Post something on our NaNoLansing Friendly Competitive Word Count Graph- Faces


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