Bravely Forge Ahead (with house points update!)

Bravely Forge Ahead (with house points update!)

4 Region School of Wordcraft and Wizardry
House Heads: Annette/Contemplative Cat (Gryffindor), Beth/lachattefatale (Ravenclaw), Heather/kdskid007 (Hufflepuff), Lori/Flyleaf (Slytherin)

Hello fellow word wizards,

We are nearing the end of week 1 of our daring and courageous experience called NaNoWriMo.

Week 1 is the time of enthusiasm, passion, hope and excitement.  It is a valiant task to embark upon writing 50,000 words in a month, but one which many past word wizards like yourself have achieved and one which you can too!

How are you doing?  Are you feeling the excitement and bravely forging ahead?  Have you gone to your house common rooms and sought out the camaraderie that is gained with your fellow housemates?  Are you needing some encouragement?

Your fearless house professors (aka regional Municipal Liaisons – MLs) are here to help you achieve your goals and have many potions, spells, threads and words of wisdom to guide you through this process.  The more you immerse yourself in the experience, the better you will be able to achieve your goal, so be fearless.  Attend your write ins, use your spells, converse with fellow word wizardry students in the forums and forge ahead!  You are sure to feel a newfound sense of confidence and strength – and there might be some house points in it too.  😉

And speaking of house points….

Our current standings are:

Ravenclaw – 2442
Hufflepuff -2440
Slytherin – 2190
Gryffindor – 1814

So dear word wizards, we leave you with these words of Dumbledore,

Your house Gryffindor Professors aka USA::Michigan::Lansing MLs,

Professor Contemplative Cat (Annette) and
Professor YuOfOwari22 (Courtney)

PS.  If you haven’t yet been assigned to one of the Harry Potter houses and would like to fully immerse yourself into this magical month, please contact your regional professor aka Municipal Liaison.


NaNoLansing ML Sponsored Events:

Virtual Write In – Monday November 7 from 8 to 10 pm.  NaNoLansing Chat RoomMust be registered first.
Write In – Thursday November 10th from 7-10 pm Old Chicago

Other events (Not ML sponsored):
Come Write In – Monday November 7 from 6-7:30 pm Delta Township Library
All Day Write In with Alexandria Sure and Chelle Labelle– Saturday November 12 from 10 am to 3 pm – Foster, Swift Collins & Smith.

Battle of Midway – House Points available
Saturday November 12 from 10:30 to 4:30 Grand Blanc.  Please RSVP here asap and Post here for carpooling.

NaNo Selfie Day!
On Friday November 11, take a picture of yourself writing and post on twitter (#NaNoSelfie16) or our NaNo Selfie Day Thread.  If you post on twitter, be sure to come back to the thread and let us know.  There will be house points available!

In Other news:
Our Double Up Donation Day was an astounding Success!
Thank you everyone who donated!  We can all be proud of the money that we as a region have raised for NaNoWriMo.

Thank you also to our wonderful in-kind donors who have donated items and their spaces so we can enjoy our events:

You all make NaNoWriMo great!


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