Keep Writing for the Good Fight!

Keep Writing for the Good Fight!

Hello NaNoLansing Superwriters,

Cat here with some inspiration to keep us going.

Together, our amazing efforts have demolished Fear Stryke! Between nearly 34K words we wrote on Thursday at the write in and the astounding 123+K words we wrote Saturday, we left Stryke in a pile of dust and wounded Doc Proc!

But the Illiterasee aren’t done with us yet! Our intel just revealed that Doc Proc aka Doctor Procrastination has a nefarious plan to keep us away from our words. Some of his plans include, spending a little too much time at the grocery store, deluding us into thinking we can’t squeeze out some words while the turkey is cooking, shopping for hours on end on Black Friday without writing, and spending entirely too much time online looking at all of those amazing sales. He is very adapt at tempting us with distractions this time of year, but don’t let him! Our fight for Word Domination is TOO important. We need to be sure that we (and the world) maintain the freedom of creativity and the power of imagination!

Some of our mighty writers have passed the 50K Mark! Well Done! (throws confetti). Please remember that your win is not automatic. You still have to validate your word count. Once you’ve done that, celebrate your win with the rest of us here!

For those who haven’t yet received your stunning purple winner’s bar don’t despair. You still have time and many people have caught up during the Thanksgiving weekend!

Right now, be sure that your time zone is set correctly and then give your novel a test to see if the validator records more, less or the same words as your processor has. It’s painful to come up to last minute only to discover your time zone was off, or your processor is more generous than the validator.

For all of you mighty Superwriters, KEEP WRITING! Use these ideas to forge ahead on this Heroic Journey.

  • Come to our Virtual Write Ins and write up to 6000 words like some of us did!
  • Make your own write in and post about it in our regional thread for others to join in.
  • Carve out time to write where ever you can. 
  • Dictate into your phone with one hand while you stir the gravy with your other hand.
  • Prop your iPad on your knee while you type away standing in line during Black Friday (and gain the secret noveling badge.)
  • Write while the football game and parade are going. Heck add in a story about a family holiday.
  • Take some prompts from our prompt thread and add your own.
  • Nominate yourself or a fellow wrimo to receive a shiny halo of strength and determination.
  • Write about what you’re experiencing.
  • Don’t worry about quality. Now is the times to just crank those words out like a rapid firing machine gun.
  • Commit to celebrating with your fellow super writers at our TGIO Party.
  • And…. Just keep writing!


Here are some events to help you!

Wednesday 11-22
Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)
When 7:00-9 pm
Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22

Wednesday 11-29
Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)
When 11 am -1 pm
Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22

Thursday 11-30 Annual Last Blast Get Your Words In Write In
Where: Old Chicago (map)
When: 7pm – Midnight
Host: Your MLs 

TGIO (Thanks Goodness It’s Over) Party! Saturday December 2.
We also have set up a splendid TGIO Party for you!
Where: Okemos Public Library
When: 2 – 5:30 pm
Activities: Potluck, prizes, awards, a white elephant gift exchange and fun!
Please RSVP by December 1st.


So Mighty Superwriters, I leave you with a thought,

Be a Hero and don’t abandon your story! Keep writing!












Until next time,

Your Mission Control Word Power Commanders,

Annette aka Contemplative Cat along with
Courtney aka YuOfOwari22

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