The Last Week of NaNo is Upon Us!

The Last Week of NaNo is Upon Us!

Hello NaNoLansing Superwriters,

We’re nearly there! We’ve come so far as a group! With just a few days left, the dreadful Illiterasee are down to one villain remaining! Doc Proc tried to distract us from our course last week with the lure of turkeys, stuffing, and maybe even a wee (or immense) bit of shopping. But ha! With just under 30% of his health remaining, we’ve shown that no matter how yummy the dish or tempting the sale – we shall not be put off indefinitely and our words shall rise again! 

We’ve a few days yet to finally defeat this nefarious foe. Some of you have even reached your 50K goals! Congratulations! Don’t forget though – in order to reap the benefits of your win (or just get that shiny purple bar), you must needs validate your word count. Once you’ve done that, join in the celebrations here!

A few tips for validating:

  • Check the validator against what your word count says; sometimes there is a discrepancy. I always write a few extra, because there did seem to be a difference for me in past years
  • Observe any differences in your time zone or clock from the NaNo servers and take this into account when considering when to validate. Don’t lose your rightful win because of a time misunderstanding. 

For those of us still fighting the good fight, there are still a couple events coming up to help!  

Wednesday 11-29 Virtual Write In
Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)
When 7:30-9 pm
Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22

Thursday 11-30 Annual Last Blast Get Your Words In Write In
Where: Old Chicago (map)
When: 7pm – Midnight
Host: Your MLs 

To top off what is sure to be our glorious victory (and celebrate the end of another excellent NaNo season), we are of course having our annual Thank Great-Googamooga/Goodness/Golly-gee It’s Over Party (or TGIO for short)! 

TGIO (Thanks Goodness It’s Over) Party! Saturday December 2.
Here’s the grand TGIO Party thread! Check it out for more info!
Where: Okemos Public Library
When: 2 – 5:30 pm
Activities: Potluck, prizes, awards, a white elephant gift exchange and fun!

Please RSVP by December 1st.

Please do remember to RSVP as we like to have special surprises planned for everyone in attendance. 

Additionally, if you are able to offer or are looking for carpool rides to these last few events, please head on over to our carpooling thread and let the group know! 

In the meantime, remember:

  • If you need quick ideas, try out our prompt thread 
  • There’s still time to nominate yourself or a fellow wrimo to receive a shiny halo of strength and determination!
  • There is still time! You can do this!
  • There is *not* time to edit, however. Tell that busy-body inner editor to hit the road until December, and write like the wind!
  • Worst comes to worst, just passive-aggressively take out all your anger and frustration at certain 30-not-31-day-long months in the form of several and varied character rants and rack up some words that way (I certainly cannot attest to the effectiveness of this from personal experience though so don’t ask >.>) 

In any case, keep on writing, friends. You got this! 

Your Mission Control Word Power Commanders,
Courtney aka YuOfOwari22 along with
Annette aka Contemplative Cat

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