Week 3 – Mission Update!

Week 3 – Mission Update!

Hello NaNoLansing Superwriters,

This is Yu, from the Owari Branch, with another important update regarding our mission!

Together, our combined words have eliminated both Max Perfect and Lord Bloque! We’re two villains down! Take a moment to virtual high-five your Word Buddies and pat yourselves on the back! Although we’ve been fighting a valiant fight, the battle for Word Domination isn’t over yet!

Week 3 sees us facing off against the villain whom many us of would call our Arch Nemesis – Fear Stryke! This villain snakes his cruel influence into the hearts of even the most steadfast and hardy writers. He makes us all second guess ourselves and doubt whether we can reach our word goals, or if there is even a point to having them. There is! Never doubt that there is! And just like we’ve taken out those other two evildoers, we’ll squash Fear Stryke with the combined weight of our words! We’ve already made some headway (like just over 250,000 words of damage headway!) With the month nearly half over, and Fear Strike already taking damage, we’re well on our way to victory!

Just last week, I succumbed to the Plague that had ravaged my entire department. 5K in the hole, I felt the pressure to keep up and the despair of wondering if I ever would. Regardless, I had to take some time off to take care of myself. Taking time for self-care is essential during NaNo. There were a couple days where I wrote only 50 or 100 words (and I only managed to scrap those together because I’m a gamer completionist who can’t turn away from badges).  But taking the time we need doesn’t mean we’re out of the game!  Once I felt rested, I gathered my friends around me (or rather, simply showed up to the write ins with you lovely folks) and I’m already on my way to getting back on track. Every word we write counts and we can’t let the fear of failure or disappointment get us down!

Need some tips to help you battle through Week 3? How about:

    • Keep writing! That’s right, don’t give up!
    • Follow the prompts in our prompt thread to get more words.
    • Trying switching to a different section or scene in your story. Writing out of order sometimes helps!
    • Attend a write in or three. (List below)
    • Have word wars in Chat NaNo. Collectively, just a few of us reached over 6,000 words at the last virtual write in.
    • Nominate a wrimo or yourself to get a shiny halo of strength and commitment.
    • Keep writing! (It bears repeating)


To help you with this effort, here are the next few write ins that are coming up:

Thursday 11-16 Write In

Where: Old Chicago (map)

When: 7pm – 10pm

Host: Your MLs 

*Heroic Write In*

Saturday 11-18
Where: Okemos Public Library (map)

When: 9 am to 7 pm

Prizes, potluck, coloring sheets, buttons and fun!

Please RSVP here

Please list your potluck items here.

Sunday 11-19
Come Write In
Where: Okemos Public Library (map)

When: Noon to 6 pm

Wednesday 11-22


Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)

When 7:00-9 pm

Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22


That’s all the update I have today, team! Let’s fight the good fight and bash those baddies with our words! 

Until next time,

Your Mission Control Word Power Commanders,

Courtney aka YuOfOwari22 along with

Annette aka Contemplative Cat

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