Prep Workshops, Kick Off, Other Events and Wrimoverse News

Prep Workshops, Kick Off, Other Events and Wrimoverse News

Hello NaNoLansing,

NaNo starts in a little less than 2 weeks (Wheee…..) but we have more things coming up for you before then.

First, if you haven’t done so, please declare your novel and home to USA::Michigan::Lansing. Then come introduce yourself in our introduction thread.


Thursday 10-18
Tomorrow we have another awesome NaNo Prep workshop. Lev Raphael, a local author of multiple genres and MSU creative writing instructor will be helping us with Important and Memorable Settings.
Time: 7-9 pm (We can stay longer to prep more if we wish)
Place: Old Chicago 1938 Grand River Avenue, Okemos, MI 48864 –  Map

Thursday 10-24
Next week’s NaNo Prep workshop will be Elizabeth Heiter on 10-24 from 7 to 9 pm at Old Chicago. She will be providing timely information about how to write efficiently and effectively, which will definitely help as we start NaNo.
And there will be an online prep workshop through Wrimoverse on the 19th (details below).

Sunday 10-28
Don’t forget to RSVP here for our kick off on Sunday 10-28. We’ll learn about our month long fun, have prizes, a potluck, games and receive a very special goodie in the goodie bag that you won’t want to miss. And if you want to bring something to our potluck, sign up here.

Thursday Nov. 1
Our first write in will be on the first from 7 until 10 pm at Old Chicago

Saturday Nov. 3
We will all be able to Dive Into NaNo at an all day write in at the Library of Michigan.
For more information and to sign up for the potluck, check out this thread.

I see that we have several NaNoLansing people who are participating in Wrimoverse this year. Glad to see that. There will be an online prep workshop this Friday 10-19 at 7:30 pm. #wrimoverse (Feel free to come to this even if you aren’t participating in Wrimoverse.)
If you haven’t registered to use our chatnano chat room or just need a refresher, information can be found here.

And now onto Wrimoverse news:

Greetings, Wrimos!

While the decoding of the message is on its way, and Wrimoverse has been afloat for its second week already!

If you haven’t done so already, please search the ship crew lists here in order to find what ship you’ve been placed on. Ctrl + F (pc) or command + F (mac) is the keyboard shortcut for searching. You will have to look through each ship list separately.

If you haven’t signed up, you can still do so (new and returning) by completing the S.T.A.R.S. form. If you have forgotten which ship you were on last year, you will have to go through the sorting process again.

As November is surfing closer, feel free to start logging your points for this year’s Ship Cup. You can earn badges!

Our Captains’ Log has been updated with the newest part of our adventure, so be sure to check in to keep up to date with our antics. Additional information about the Wrimoverse can be found on the Wrimoverse Website, as well as on our local forum! If you haven’t stopped by the Cadet Lounge yet, please feel welcome to do so.

Online NaNo Prep Session:
We are hosting a pre-NaNo training session on Oct 19.  Those in need of stretching, can join in and do some laps in the chatnano writing pool.  (inflatable scribbling aids not included) at 7.30PM #wrimoverse

Happy prepping, from your ML,
Annette aka Contemplative Cat

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