Workshop 10-4, Other Events and Wrimoverse

Workshop 10-4, Other Events and Wrimoverse

Hello NaNoLansing Wrimos!

We have a wonderful pre-NaNo workshop scheduled for tomorrow!

Richelle Renae McFate, one of our own NaNoLansing authors, will be helping us learn how to be organized in our writing. She’s published several books, is an amazing editor and has inspired me with her organizational skills for several years. She’ll have information that will help all of us.

How to be an Organized Writer
7 – 9 pm
Old Chicago 1938 Grand River Avenue, Okemos, MI 48864 –  Map

We also have more workshops scheduled there every Thursday in October.
On the 11th, Colleen Gleason will be helping us plot using the Hero’s Journey.
On the 18th, Lev Raphael will help us make important and memorable settings and
on the 25th Elizabeth Heiter will teach us how to write efficiently and effectively.
For more information see this thread.

Our kick off will be October 28th from 2 to 5 pm. You can find more information here. Please remember to rsvp by the 26th because our goodie bags this year will contain a special something that I’m sure you will love.

We have a lot of write ins scheduled and you can find them in this thread.
While you’re over at the forum, come say hi and introduce yourself and also declare your novel (even if the title is TBD like mine.)

This year we will have another avenue for motivation and fun. In addition to our in-person events, we have been invited to take part in a multi-region adventure online called Wrimoverse! This is an optional event, but a very fun way to meet people from around the world, make new friends and come up with crazy ideas together.

Another way to think about Wrimoverse could be in terms of a Potterverse experience done NaNo style with the ability to be sorted into one of 4 different ships and an adventure that we all participate in together, while ships compete against each other to win individual badges and ultimately the Ship Cup.

So without further ado, here is your formal invitation.


Ahoy Cadets!

We are pleased to inform you that you are invited to join us at the Space Scribblers Academy, where you can begin or continue your state of the art education in the ways of scribbling.

It’s promising to be another year of exciting, novel writing adventures! Now is the time to gather up a plot bunny or two, dust off your keyboards or notebooks (or both, we don’t judge), and get ready for November!

Enclosed are a transporter token that will ship you to the Academy Base, a list of the necessary tools and equipment for success during your studies, and an overview of your training schedule.

Upon arrival, new students will be sorted onto one of our four ships: the MLS D. Shovel, the MLS H. Viking, the MLS P. Bunny, and the MLS P. Ninja, by taking the S.T.A.R.S.,  the Standard Team Analysis for Recruitment Sorting. If you have been at campus before, you need to report to the ship you were on last year, by taking the same test with mentions of the ship you were on last year. If you can’t remember what ship you are part off, you need to take the test from start to end. Please remember that while at the Academy, these ships will be your home, and their crew will be your friends and (sup)port.

Each ship has its own personality and accompanying quirks and preferences, and is captained by multiple Academy leaders, each with their own unique skills, who are eagerly waiting to welcome you to their ranks. Together, we will all dive into the depths of wrimoverse.

Basic (optional) training will begin in October. Mandatory practical training will commence on November 1st. We await your arrival at the Academy Base.

Yours sincerely,
Contemplative Cat, ensign MLS P. Bunny
Your Space Scribblers Academy Representative
Transport Token:

Tools & Equipment List:
All students should come equipped with the following:
Writing spirit
Writing instrument(s) of choice. I.e. Computer, pen and paper, stone and chisel, lifebuoy and bathing suit

Caffeinated beverage(s)
Outlines and other forms of plotting
Flippers or other funny footwear
Students are encouraged to leave all pets at home, as the Academy base is no place for live and sentient creatures to go without supervision. Rest assured, we have plot bunnies available for all your petting-soft-things needs.

TRAINING SCHEDULE – All online in the chatroom #wrimoverse. For info on how to use, and sign up for the chatroom, click here.

Oct-Nov 1: Report to the Academy for S.T.A.R.S. assignment
Oct 19 and Oct 26: Prep training
Nov 1: Launch
Nov 1 – Nov 30: Diving into the Wrimoverse (writing your novel)
Dec – Graduation


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