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Wrapping Up a Great NaNo Season

Wrapping Up a Great NaNo Season

Hello NaNoLansing!

We are officially done with our 2018 NaNo Season and it’s been a great one! Whether you finished the year with a stupendous 50K+ or less, you wrote and that’s what counts! You’re all winner’s in my book!

Every year I say I will continue the writing habit and every year I succumb to only writing during NaNo related events. At the TGIO party we talked about getting something going in the new year. Keep your eyes on this thread and our FB page. I’ll also send out NaNoMails with information too from time to time.

It’s good to know that I was able to survive managing things on my own this year, but I couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Sending Out A Heartfelt Thank To…

Thank you, LyraN88 for all your help with prepping, planning and posters. (Thanks to both you and your sister for your help with setting up and taking down so many of the events.) Thanks also to Tuscon McDude for his help with setting up and taking down.

Thanks again to our NaNo Prep Workshop presenters – Richelle McFate, Colleen Gleason, Lev Raphael and Elizabeth Heiter.

Thank you to Sihaya48 for all of your invaluable help at our Kick Off!

Thanks to all of you who helped with write ins so our Wrimos had more options – Edwina Murphy and the Library of Michigan, Eric Stanton and the Okemos Public Library, AlexandriaSure and Hilary-Noelle!

Thanks to Colleen at The Avenue Cafe for our kick off location, Old Chicago for the use of your beautiful group room for our write ins and Okemos Public Library for our TGIO space!

Thanks to Riverwoman, SkylarkLanding and Sihaya48 for your help getting our goodie bags made.

Thanks to SkylarkLanding for her wonderful Winner prizes!

Thanks to JFolja for donating the wonderful 3D Printed NaNoRhino and to LizVogel for gifting it to me when she won it.

Thanks to Elisabeth Anderson & AlexandriaSure for donating prizes.

Thanks to everyone who donated to NaNoWriMo, everyone who brought candy for the cauldrons, and anyone else my NaNo coma brain might have forgotten to mention.

But especially, thank you to each and every one of you! I say this frequently, but I really can’t say it enough. You are the best group of people an ML could ever hope to have. I feel so very grateful to each and every one of you! <3

NaNo 2018 Statistics

Many of you know how I like stats and so I’ve compiled the NaNoLansing 2018 stats for you.

  • 208 people wrote at least 1 word
  • 72 people wrote over 50K words and
  • 71 people validated their novels and officially won!
  • 7 people wrote over 70K words
  • 2 people wrote over 100K words – WOW!
  • 35% of NaNoLansing writers wrote over 50K words and
  • 34% officially won!

These next stats are why I encourage people to come to write ins. There is a magic that happens when you are in a room full of writers creatively typing away!

  • 80% of people who came to 3 or more write ins won!!

But wait – it gets better….

  • 88% of people who came to 4 or more write ins won!!!  

WOW! How about that for some statistics!

And speaking of winners… 

I’d like to officially congratulate this years NaNoLansing homed winners!

2018 Official NaNoLansing Winners (from highest to lowest word count):

Kroets, ConnorHawke, Lameo, CottageQuartz, ContemplativeCat, Remmirath, Grimmlin, Falafayra, Richelle Renae, postapocalypso, Mokum2, JackthePhantom, Ilovethatcat, spotty, Rogue_Robin, Clarisara, Dave Andora, cactusroes, Eric Roath, meika622, portmanteau, Gwyn Griffin, WildMarjoramDieselpunk, Aspigander, AlexandriaSure, JFolja, Stormy015, HMSdilettante, G. S. Scott, Pilgrym68, DevilDogDeb, Eve Rebill, jesirobe, estelraca, OverMyTop, TheLukeskywalker2, LizVogel, Stliger,Kricco, jazzykandra, swenson, Sandler, em.anne, WeHappyCrew, Hilary-Noelle, CaveboundDragon, MAC<3, Shirl, riverwoman, bluemuffinfairy, lindsey_tries_writing, AlyonaT, ElfBartels, pellirojaloca, curtisa5, dimoongoddess, stargirlofthesea, LyraN88, Olivia Rice, felicia_rb, BEWheeler, Tucson McDude, Kylieann, Momus, riedyb, akivos, shaylou, SeerowsKindness, absobyrne, Sihaya48, RightersBlock19

This year I would also like to congratulate those people who are not local NaNoLansing people but who subscribe to NaNoLansing Emails.

Congratulations to our Non-Homed Followers who won NaNo:

trailmagick89, Elyndra, kdskid007, Zwaimus96, Trilemma3, Sausaletus Rex, ppmusic2010, El_Cucuy, pipermaru, Shewolf13, Inorai, EBuff75, amycook1939, Lboogieg, Laurie McKay, 13luckystars, Xoffelokin

For those of you who have been following Wrimoversehere is your final communication with our house ship winner!

I hope that each and every one of you have a lovely holiday season! We’ll meet back up here next year with a bright and shiny new website!

Thanks again for making NaNoLansing so very special!

Your post NaNo coma-brained, but ever grateful ML,
― Annette, aka Contemplative Cat