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Scrivener Workshop January 28th 10 am to 3 pm!

Scrivener Workshop January 28th 10 am to 3 pm!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m writing today to let you all know about a wonderful workshop that Alexandria Sure has coordinated for us.

Come learn Scrivener with your NaNoWriMo family.

Date:  Saturday, January 28, 2017

Time:  10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

313 South Washington Square
Lansing, MI 48933
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Open to the first 15 participants that register. Bring your laptop to follow along. Time remaining after the course has been completed will be used for hands-on learning, plotting/writing, or editing.

Coffee and water provided. Lunch break at noon – bring a lunch or visit our local downtown Lansing food vendors. Feel free to bring anything else you’d like to snack on or drink.

FREE Parking in the back of the building. Doors open at 9:45 am. If you arrive after 10 am, you must call 517.980.0380 to be let into the building.

Please RSVP using the link below.!At6z_9LlqlWBkgKc0hDJhL4zvCww

Scrivener can be purchased/installed at
If you won NaNo, you were given a code for 50% off in your winner’s goodies.  If you didn’t win, but would like to get the code (which is good until 11-1-17) you can check out the Special Offer Code Giveaway Thread for a code or contact Contemplative Cat who has a code she won’t be using.

Thanks for coordinating this, Alexandria!  Hope to see a full house there.

Post NaNo Write Ins:

We’re still looking at having these, but haven’t finalized details.  If you would like to discuss ideas about this, please check out our Writing Through the New Year Thread.

Here’s to a Fun and Productive New Year!

Annette aka Contemplative Cat
along with Courtney aka YuOfOwari22
Your NaNoLansing Municipal Liaisons (ML) aka your event coordinators, purveyors of fun, answerers of questions and senders of periodic regional messages to keep you in the loop.

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Double Up Donation Day – Double Up Goodies, Double Up House Points

Double Up Donation Day – Double Up Goodies, Double Up House Points

This Saturday 11-5-16 is Double Up Donation Day.  You may have received the email from HQ about this, but we wanted to let you know what we, as a region, are doing for this day.

First off, for those of you who don’t know, it’s always been the mission of NaNoWriMo to offer these awesome programs for free for wrimos (that’s participants of NaNoWriMo for those who don’t know). But did you know that NaNoWriMo is mostly funded by us?  That’s right!  The donations we give and the profit from the products we purchase is what funds a good part of this nearly $1,000,000 enterprise.  That’s a huge budget to fund by participants.

Double Up Donation Day is a day when we can get more bang for our donation bucks and help  keep this beloved organization of ours afloat.  If you donate $25 – you’ll get the $50 donor goodies.  Donating $100 will net you 2 posters!

These are the official activities that are going on. Namely:


But! In addition, we are doing some special things as part of our four-region HP event this month!

You can earn 20pts for your house by completing any of the above activities!

But wait – there’s more! 

As an added incentive – for those of you who venture out to our Saturday Write In from 10 am to 1 pm at the EL Grand Traverse Pie Company (Orchard Room), we are offering more incentives!

  • Double your cauldron prizes for all who donate – even change in the Traveling TARDIS, which goes toward giving halos to broke wrimos.
  • Free sticker to anyone at the write in who doubles their daily word count – 3334 words


To earn points for your activities, post about them to let us know in the forums here! Just list your activities; for example: “I donated to the Tardis and doubled my word count!” If you do decide to donate, we do not need to know how much, just that you did so.

Let’s see how much activity we can get up to! I wonder how many points each house can secure? 😉

If you can’t donate on the 5th, there are other ways that you can help. Check out the more ways to give page.

Thanks so much for helping to keep this awesome organization going! We hope to see you at the Write In!


Your Word Wizard Professors – aka MLs
Annette (Contemplative Cat)
Courtney (YuOfOwari22)


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There's still time to RSVP for our Kick Off Party Sunday October 25th.

There's still time to RSVP for our Kick Off Party Sunday October 25th.

Hey there NaNoLansing Wrimos,

It’s really easy to get busy with life and NaNo prepping and then have time whoosh by.  But there’s still time to RSVP for our Kick Off party this Sunday from 3 pm to 6 pm at the Avenue Cafe in Lansing.

Maybe you’re on the fence about coming.  Perhaps you’re not sure about venturing out.  Maybe you feel a little anxious in social situations.  Well come anyway.  We’re a really friendly group.

Still not convinced?  Here’s a preview of what you’ll be missing if you don’t come:

  • Meet your fellow wrimos and get to know them.  There will be prizes that go along with that.
  • A raffle for one of our cute little NaNoRhino mascots.
  • Our silent auction with all kinds of cool things like books written by a local wrimo, NaNo stuff, and jewelry to name a few things.  (Bring cash to purchase these.)  All proceeds will go toward NaNoWriMo.
  • Make your own mini-book station.
  • Information about all the cool things we’ll be doing during NaNo.
  • Games.
  • Good food .
  • Your first activity toward winning adorable book muse creatures.
  • Loads of fun!

So RSVP here and sign up for the potluck here.  Please bring something to add to our silent auction too.

If you’re reading this too late to RSVP – come anyway.  We still want to see you!

Hope to see you there!

Annette (Contemplative Cat)
along with Alaina (A_Rachelle)
your co-Municipal Liaisons (AKA MLs, event coordinators, purveyors of fun, answerers of questions and senders of periodic regional messages to keep you in the loop.)

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Last Minute News

Last Minute News

Welcome to the last day of October! Are you ready?

RSVP for the Kick-Off Party

Saturday, November 1, 3-6pm
The Avenue Cafe (Gone Wired) 2021 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI

It’s tomorrow, so please take a moment to let us know you’re coming. After all, we have goodies and we want to make sure we have enough for everyone.

RSVP at Eventbrite now.

Midnight November 1st

Interested in a midnight write in to kick off the month? Check out this thread.

Scheduled ML Write Ins

Thursday, November 6, 7 pm
Grand Traverse Pie Company, E Lansing

Tuesdays, November 11, 18 & 25, 7 pm
Old Chicago, Okemos

Get more information here.

More Write Ins

While we can’t be everywhere, we know that you are spread far and wide and would like to help you find each other. Here are a few of the places that we know we have space or people. Check out these threads for more information:

West Lansing




Not seeing your part of town? Check out our Host Your Own Write-In thread.

Check in on the Introductions Thread

Say hi to others in the region and let us know a little about yourself.

You can find the thread here.

That’s all for now. Get some sleep, stock up on supplies, and we’ll be seeing you soon!

Alaina (A_Rachelle) & Annette (Contemplative Cat)
Co-Municipal Liaisons, USA::Michigan::Lansing.
AKA your event coordinators, purveyors of fun, answerers of questions and senders of periodic regional messages to keep you in the loop.

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2014 Workshops are Coming!

2014 Workshops are Coming!


Dun dun dunnnnnnn!

We will be hosting weekly workshops to help you prepare for NaNoWriMo 2014, so mark your calendar now. All workshops will start at 7pm. October 7th & 28th will be at Old Chicago in Okemos. October 14th & 21st will be at Grand Traverse Pie Company in East Lansing.

October 7: Intro To NaNo – Old Chicago

NaNo basics and an opportunity to ask all the burning questions about NaNo that you never have before.

Share this event on Facebook.

Help us plan the rest of the month!

Did you attend a write-in last year that you would love to see again?

Is there a sticky issue you run into time and time again that we can help you prep for in October?

Let us know! We are in the process of finalizing details and would love your input on what you want to see in our October workshops.

March Write-In: Flash Fiction @ The Avenue

March Write-In: Flash Fiction @ The Avenue

Tomorrow night we’ll be gathering at The Avenue (aka Gone Wired) for our March write-in. We’ve been discussing flash fiction, so bring along an 800 word story to share.

Writing prompt:
A knight is being stalked across an interstellar commonwealth by a bandit over a dark secret one of them knows about the other.

You are welcome to join us even if you don’t have a story.

The Details

Date: Wednesday, March 26th

Time: 7pm

Place: The Avenue Cafe/Gone Wired (2021 E Michigan Ave, Lansing Charter Township, MI 48912)

The Final Stretch

The Final Stretch

Only 12 hours left of NaNoWriMo 2013. I may be in a little bit of denial about that.

Since there’s so little time left, I’m just going to get on to the important bits. Here are some things we wanted to remind you about.

Names and Nominations

We have decided to extend voting for wrimo awards and Rhino names through midnight tonight! If you aren’t sure of a fellow wrimo’s username, tell us what you can to describe them (name, novel type, which write-ins they came to) and we’ll try our best to match them up.

To vote for and nominate fellow wrimos, go here.

Then go here to vote for your favorite rhino name.

Last Blast to Get Your Words In!

Old Chicago
7pm to midnightish

Celebrate the last few hours of NaNo, get in those last few words, pass guilt monkeys and more at our Last Blast!

Check out this thread for more details.

There’s also a write- in going on RIGHT NOW at the E. Lansing Grand Traverse Pie Company until 2pm.

TGIO Party on Sunday

Sunday, December 1
Haslett Library
1:30 to 4:30 pm

-Validate Your Novel-
You haven’t officially won NaNo until the word count validator says so.  For step by step information on how to do that (with visuals), check out our Winning NaNoWriMo FAQ thread.

-Shout out your Success!-
Share yours or someone else’s win with the rest of us at the Winner’s Hall of Fame thread.

Carry on now and Good Luck!

Alaina (A_Rachelle) and Annette (Contemplative Cat)
Co-Municipal Liaisons  USA::Michigan::Lansing

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2013 NaNoLansing Prep Events Are Coming!

2013 NaNoLansing Prep Events Are Coming!

30 days 23 hours 31 minutes until NaNoWrimo2013 begins. Are you ready?

If not, never fear. We have a great line-up of prep events to help get you in the spirit and get you writing ready for November 1st.

“Are You Ready to NaNoWriMo?” Workshop

October 5, 2pm
The Avenue

This event is courtesy of the Capital City Writer’s Association and our very own PoetryGirl73. She’s done a fabulous job putting together this intro/brush-up to NaNo and we encourage you to invite your friends to come out and learn more.

Finding Your Vision with Inspiration Boards

October 10, 7pm
The Avenue

Join us for a fun evening of cutting, pasting and bringing your vision to life with an inspiration board. Before you have a panic attack, no, we do not expect you to know what your main character (MC) prefers for breakfast or their goal in life or even who they are. The idea of an inspiration board is to find images, words, etc. that jive with you and the world you’re going for so that you can revisit them when you get stuck in the writing process. You can use this time to refine and visualize a world and characters that you’ve already decided or as a starting point for this year’s novel.

P.S. If you have an old magazines lying around please feel free to bring them along. The more options the better!

The Plot Thickens

October 17, 7pm
Grand Traverse Pie Company (E. Lansing)

Whether you prefer plot points or a detailed outline, this is an opportune time to decide what your story actually is about (instead of on Oct. 31st at 11:55 pm).

Breathing Life Into Your Characters

October 24, 7pm
The Avenue

As most NaNo vets can tell you, when you’ve lost the plot and the story is just not moving the way you want it’s the characters that help you find you way – even if its by misbehaving. We’ll take this time to discover and flesh out the characters that will move the plot along.

There you have it – our October line-up. We hope to see you there!