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It’s almost Week 2!

It’s almost Week 2!

Soon it will be our 2nd week.

This is the week of many names – hell week, inner critic week, the week of doubts and loss of enthusiasm. Whether your words have been flying with ease or you’ve been doling them out at a snails pace, don’t worry because even if you feel stuck at sea, wondering why you ever started this journey, know that this is a normal and typical response and it will pass. Believe me. It will!

Right now though – Give yourself credit. You decided to write a novel and you’ve spent a week at it already. You’re farther ahead than most people. Yay you! Take a moment and let that settle in.

Feels good, huh?

Hang onto that feeling and know that we’ve all experienced the meh waterway to some degree or another and we can navigate through that. Trust that you can too and just keep writing! Seriously. Even just 100 words a day – one paragraph or even 1 line. Don’t give up!

One word after another builds sentences and sentences build paragraphs and paragraphs create pages. With one word at a time, you’ll get through this week and be well on your way to 50,000 words.

Perhaps you’d like a (small) break and have some fun. Check out our NaNoLansingisms thread and get a chuckle or share a chuckle. Or ask for some or share some of your strategies for helping yourself through the rough patches in our Help Desk Thread. Or perhaps you are a bit competitive and are encouraged by seeing where you stand against your fellow wrimos – if that’s the case come post something on our NaNo Faces thread to be added to the graph. Or participate in the Wrimoverse Word Crawl – all are welcome whether you are doing Wrimoverse or not.

And to help keep you motivated and moving forward, here are our write ins for this week!

Wednesday Nov 7th: All Day
Virtual write-in, in the #wrimoverse channel of Chat NaNo – info on Chat NaNo here

Thursday Nov. 8th: 7 pm to 10 pm
NaNoLansing Write In
Old Chicago – 1938 W Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI 48864, USA (map)
Host: Your ML

Friday Nov. 9th: 11 am to 2 pm
Lunch time write in with Hilary-Noelle
Aspen Lakes Clubhouse – 3879 Lone Pine, Holt, MI (map)
Host: Hilary-Noelle

Saturday Nov 10th: 10:30 am to 4:30ish pm
Flint Region Battle of Midway! – R & B Books – 12830 Saginaw Rd # F, Grand Blanc, MI 48439 map
Host: Flint MLs for more information and to RSVP see this thread. You can coordinate carpooling there also.

Monday Nov. 12th: 5 to 8 pm
Come Write with Alexandria Sure
Panera Bread, 5212 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917, USA (map)
Host: Alexandria Sure

Tuesday Nov 13th: 10 pm to 1 am
Night Owl Write In with Hilary-Noelle
IHOP – 2771 E Grand River Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823 (map)
Host: Hilary-Noelle

And because this email is long enough, for those of you who are participating in Wrimoverse, I’m linking the wrimoverse pep talk instead of adding it to this. You can read that pep talk here.

Well that’s it for now. Always remember that you are awesome! You are amazing! And you are stupendous!

Until next time,
Your fearless ML – Annette aka Contemplative Cat

NaNo Starts Soon!!!!

NaNo Starts Soon!!!!

Hey everyone,

The clock is ticking and soon it will be time to set sail for NaNoWriMo!  Whee…..

In just a few hours we will be hoisting our anchors and letting our imaginations start to flow. Perhaps you’ve plotted out your course and know exactly where you’re headed, or maybe you will be letting the winds take you where they will. Either way, this month is going to be great fun.

We’re going to be afloat in a sea of words – 50000 of them if you are going for the typical goal. That may sound like a lot, but it’s really only 1667 words a day and we’ve had people who wrote that in just two word sprints. But if your words are pouring out, don’t stop with just that. Keep writing and build a nice reservoir of words for later when you might be too busy to write or you just need a break.

We’ll have write ins to help keep you buoyed up throughout the month and these are not only fun, but we also get a lot of words written. How about that for a winning proposition?

What can you do right now? Declare your novel. Don’t wait because you won’t be able to update your word counts until then. Also, Come Introduce Yourself here. Join in the fun of tracking your word counts with others and post something in our FACES thread. Let us know what you can bring for the potluck at our Saturday all day Write In – and plan on doubling your word count that day, because it’s double up donation day (and word count day).

Write ins for this week are:

Tonight Wed. 10-31 to Nov 1st, 11:30 pm to 1 or 2 am
Midnight Write In with Hilary-Noelle
IHOP – 2771 E Grand River Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823 (map)

Thursday Nov. 1, 7 pm to 10 pm
Get a Jump Start on Your NaNoWriMo Write In
Old Chicago – 1938 W Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI 48864, USA (map)

Saturday Nov. 3rd, 10 am to 4 pm
Dive Into Your Novel Write In
Library of Michigan, 4th floor (Lake Michigan Room) 702 W Kalamazoo St, Lansing, MI 48915, USA (map)

Sunday Nov. 4th – Noon to 4 pm
Come Write In at the Howell Public Library
Howell Carnegie District Library, 314 W Grand River Ave, Howell, MI 48843, USA (map)

Monday Nov. 5th, 10 am to 1 pm
Come Write In at the E.L Public Library
East Lansing Public Library, 950 Abbot Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823, USA (map)

Monday Nov. 5th, 5 to 8 pm
Come Write with Alexandria Sure
Panera Bread, 5212 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917, USA (map)

Tuesday Nov 6th, 10 pm to 1 am
Night Owl Write In with Hilary-Noelle
IHOP – 2771 E Grand River Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823 (map)

And for those who are doing Wrimoverse
There will be a kick off party Nov. 1st that spans all timezones in Chat NaNo. #wrimoverse
Information on Chat NaNo here.

Until next time,
Annette aka Contemplative Cat – Your NaNoLansing ML

And for twice your pleasure – Here is your Wrimoverse Communiqué!


Hello Cadets!

Today we are counting down till the launch into the waters off the Wrimoverse and your novel.  The entire Wrimoverse academy staff is counting down the seconds so we can tell you: “Welcome to another great NaNoWriMo!”

For those returning, there’s a whole new crazy adventure waiting, and we commend you for daring to dive into the depths of novel-writing yet again. For all the new writers, you’re going to love it. It’s whimsical and fun and true, sometimes you may feel like you’re drowning, but as Dory said in “Finding Nemo” Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, and eventually you’ll get there! And the best thing? You’ll meet lots of like-minded and nutty people along the way.

If you aren’t sure how to go about this, just take it easy. Let yourself be carried on the waves of your creative mind and write where it takes you.

If it takes you in the direction of our deep-sea adventure, there will be plenty of things you can join in on, badges to claim, goals to achieve and words to be written.  But before all that, we will have one kicking party. On Thursday, November 1st join us in the chatroom for our kickoff event that will span all the Wrimoverse time zones.

The first weekend will be coming up swiftly, and this is your best chance to get ahead a little while you can, while the excitement of those first few days is still strong.  Use the opportunity and write like a fish in the water. No matter how you write, write! And go get those words! All of them!

In Wrimoverse news, the story has been updated again! Check the website to follow along on our adventures. (It updates Wednesdays and Sundays.) If you haven’t yet taken it, the S.T.A.R.S. is still accepting student applications. If you’ve already filled out the form, students are sorted and added to their respective ships on Tuesdays.

If you need some word wars or just some company, the #Wrimoverse chat is open 24/7. Every week we have a Wrimoverse Wednesday Write-In, so be sure to come check it out and on November 1st we have the Launch Off party, the Wrimoverse KO where together we’ll dive into the month of November.

That is all for now, Cadets.
Plot well and we’ll see you next week!

Contemplative Cat
Your Regional Academy Representative

2017 Wrap Up – Great Job Everyone!!

2017 Wrap Up – Great Job Everyone!!

Congratulations on finishing another wonderful NaNoWriMo Season!

Whew! What a whopper that was! But we all pushed through, we wrote a massive amount of words, took down some baddies, and had a rousing good time!

I don’t know about you, but my TBR pile is like eight feet tall; time to get crackin’!

A few points before we close out the year!


Please help us make 2018 even better for our region by taking the time to complete this survey. Your information really will help in planning next year. Thank you!

NaNoLansing Through The Year

If you don’t want to see the fun end, I’ve got good news for you! We are hoping to once again do write-ins throughout the year!

If you would be interested in continuing your writing activities with our lovely group, then we especially recommend that you answer our Post-NaNo survey (link above), as there is a section where you indicate your preferred days of the week, etc.

Once we get some initial input, we will have information and discussions in this thread.

Communication Through Year

Regional Email

  • We will send out regional emails to people with the information on the monthly write ins. (If you haven’t signed up for these and want to stay in the loop, you can do it by going to: My NaNoWriMo -> Account Settings)

Regional Forum Posts

  • We will continue to post pertinent info here on the regional forums, so check back every now and again for that!

NaNoLansing Year-round Newsletter

  • We will also have a periodic newsletter for sending out other information, such as writing workshops, interesting blog posts or articles, and other news or resources. If you fill out the Post-NaNo Survey, there is a link at the end which will take you to a contact information form (we did it separate this year to ensure anonymity).

If you would prefer to skip the survey, but would still like to get the newsletter, then please either NaNomail either one of us (Contemplative Cat or YuOfOwari22), or you can fill out the contact form here.

Facebook and Twitter

  • We’ll be posting last minute reminders or updates about changes to Facebook and Twitter.

2017 Stats:

295 Wrimos
5608905 Words Written
19013 words written per wrimo
73 People wrote over 50K
31% of the people who wrote at least one word won
5 people wrote over 65K words
A little fun fact (and shameless plug for next year), nearly 60% of those who came to the write-ins won!

Also, we yet again beat our donation record – this time by hitting a whopping $1,495! This amount includes everything (pennies and all) that people put in the TARDIS! Thank you everyone! Great job!

For fun, here again is the list of winners from this year:

A. L. Windsor
A. R. Corabello
Allie Sanders
Cavebound Dragon
Contemplative Cat
Dave Andora
Elliot G Grace
Eric Roath
The Not-so-Evil-Overlord

Whether you won or not, I think everyone put in a great effort and you cannot dispute that we all came out ahead; every word counts!

Well, I hope you all enjoy the fresh snow, have a great holiday season, and a happy new year!

~Courtney aka YuOfOwari22
along with Annette aka Contemplative Cat
Your NaNoLansing Municipal Liaisons (ML) aka your event coordinators, purveyors of fun, answerers of questions and senders of periodic regional messages to keep you in the loop.

The Last Week of NaNo is Upon Us!

The Last Week of NaNo is Upon Us!

Hello NaNoLansing Superwriters,

We’re nearly there! We’ve come so far as a group! With just a few days left, the dreadful Illiterasee are down to one villain remaining! Doc Proc tried to distract us from our course last week with the lure of turkeys, stuffing, and maybe even a wee (or immense) bit of shopping. But ha! With just under 30% of his health remaining, we’ve shown that no matter how yummy the dish or tempting the sale – we shall not be put off indefinitely and our words shall rise again! 

We’ve a few days yet to finally defeat this nefarious foe. Some of you have even reached your 50K goals! Congratulations! Don’t forget though – in order to reap the benefits of your win (or just get that shiny purple bar), you must needs validate your word count. Once you’ve done that, join in the celebrations here!

A few tips for validating:

  • Check the validator against what your word count says; sometimes there is a discrepancy. I always write a few extra, because there did seem to be a difference for me in past years
  • Observe any differences in your time zone or clock from the NaNo servers and take this into account when considering when to validate. Don’t lose your rightful win because of a time misunderstanding. 

For those of us still fighting the good fight, there are still a couple events coming up to help!  

Wednesday 11-29 Virtual Write In
Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)
When 7:30-9 pm
Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22

Thursday 11-30 Annual Last Blast Get Your Words In Write In
Where: Old Chicago (map)
When: 7pm – Midnight
Host: Your MLs 

To top off what is sure to be our glorious victory (and celebrate the end of another excellent NaNo season), we are of course having our annual Thank Great-Googamooga/Goodness/Golly-gee It’s Over Party (or TGIO for short)! 

TGIO (Thanks Goodness It’s Over) Party! Saturday December 2.
Here’s the grand TGIO Party thread! Check it out for more info!
Where: Okemos Public Library
When: 2 – 5:30 pm
Activities: Potluck, prizes, awards, a white elephant gift exchange and fun!

Please RSVP by December 1st.

Please do remember to RSVP as we like to have special surprises planned for everyone in attendance. 

Additionally, if you are able to offer or are looking for carpool rides to these last few events, please head on over to our carpooling thread and let the group know! 

In the meantime, remember:

  • If you need quick ideas, try out our prompt thread 
  • There’s still time to nominate yourself or a fellow wrimo to receive a shiny halo of strength and determination!
  • There is still time! You can do this!
  • There is *not* time to edit, however. Tell that busy-body inner editor to hit the road until December, and write like the wind!
  • Worst comes to worst, just passive-aggressively take out all your anger and frustration at certain 30-not-31-day-long months in the form of several and varied character rants and rack up some words that way (I certainly cannot attest to the effectiveness of this from personal experience though so don’t ask >.>) 

In any case, keep on writing, friends. You got this! 

Your Mission Control Word Power Commanders,
Courtney aka YuOfOwari22 along with
Annette aka Contemplative Cat

Keep Writing for the Good Fight!

Keep Writing for the Good Fight!

Hello NaNoLansing Superwriters,

Cat here with some inspiration to keep us going.

Together, our amazing efforts have demolished Fear Stryke! Between nearly 34K words we wrote on Thursday at the write in and the astounding 123+K words we wrote Saturday, we left Stryke in a pile of dust and wounded Doc Proc!

But the Illiterasee aren’t done with us yet! Our intel just revealed that Doc Proc aka Doctor Procrastination has a nefarious plan to keep us away from our words. Some of his plans include, spending a little too much time at the grocery store, deluding us into thinking we can’t squeeze out some words while the turkey is cooking, shopping for hours on end on Black Friday without writing, and spending entirely too much time online looking at all of those amazing sales. He is very adapt at tempting us with distractions this time of year, but don’t let him! Our fight for Word Domination is TOO important. We need to be sure that we (and the world) maintain the freedom of creativity and the power of imagination!

Some of our mighty writers have passed the 50K Mark! Well Done! (throws confetti). Please remember that your win is not automatic. You still have to validate your word count. Once you’ve done that, celebrate your win with the rest of us here!

For those who haven’t yet received your stunning purple winner’s bar don’t despair. You still have time and many people have caught up during the Thanksgiving weekend!

Right now, be sure that your time zone is set correctly and then give your novel a test to see if the validator records more, less or the same words as your processor has. It’s painful to come up to last minute only to discover your time zone was off, or your processor is more generous than the validator.

For all of you mighty Superwriters, KEEP WRITING! Use these ideas to forge ahead on this Heroic Journey.

  • Come to our Virtual Write Ins and write up to 6000 words like some of us did!
  • Make your own write in and post about it in our regional thread for others to join in.
  • Carve out time to write where ever you can. 
  • Dictate into your phone with one hand while you stir the gravy with your other hand.
  • Prop your iPad on your knee while you type away standing in line during Black Friday (and gain the secret noveling badge.)
  • Write while the football game and parade are going. Heck add in a story about a family holiday.
  • Take some prompts from our prompt thread and add your own.
  • Nominate yourself or a fellow wrimo to receive a shiny halo of strength and determination.
  • Write about what you’re experiencing.
  • Don’t worry about quality. Now is the times to just crank those words out like a rapid firing machine gun.
  • Commit to celebrating with your fellow super writers at our TGIO Party.
  • And…. Just keep writing!


Here are some events to help you!

Wednesday 11-22
Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)
When 7:00-9 pm
Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22

Wednesday 11-29
Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)
When 11 am -1 pm
Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22

Thursday 11-30 Annual Last Blast Get Your Words In Write In
Where: Old Chicago (map)
When: 7pm – Midnight
Host: Your MLs 

TGIO (Thanks Goodness It’s Over) Party! Saturday December 2.
We also have set up a splendid TGIO Party for you!
Where: Okemos Public Library
When: 2 – 5:30 pm
Activities: Potluck, prizes, awards, a white elephant gift exchange and fun!
Please RSVP by December 1st.


So Mighty Superwriters, I leave you with a thought,

Be a Hero and don’t abandon your story! Keep writing!












Until next time,

Your Mission Control Word Power Commanders,

Annette aka Contemplative Cat along with
Courtney aka YuOfOwari22

Week 3 – Mission Update!

Week 3 – Mission Update!

Hello NaNoLansing Superwriters,

This is Yu, from the Owari Branch, with another important update regarding our mission!

Together, our combined words have eliminated both Max Perfect and Lord Bloque! We’re two villains down! Take a moment to virtual high-five your Word Buddies and pat yourselves on the back! Although we’ve been fighting a valiant fight, the battle for Word Domination isn’t over yet!

Week 3 sees us facing off against the villain whom many us of would call our Arch Nemesis – Fear Stryke! This villain snakes his cruel influence into the hearts of even the most steadfast and hardy writers. He makes us all second guess ourselves and doubt whether we can reach our word goals, or if there is even a point to having them. There is! Never doubt that there is! And just like we’ve taken out those other two evildoers, we’ll squash Fear Stryke with the combined weight of our words! We’ve already made some headway (like just over 250,000 words of damage headway!) With the month nearly half over, and Fear Strike already taking damage, we’re well on our way to victory!

Just last week, I succumbed to the Plague that had ravaged my entire department. 5K in the hole, I felt the pressure to keep up and the despair of wondering if I ever would. Regardless, I had to take some time off to take care of myself. Taking time for self-care is essential during NaNo. There were a couple days where I wrote only 50 or 100 words (and I only managed to scrap those together because I’m a gamer completionist who can’t turn away from badges).  But taking the time we need doesn’t mean we’re out of the game!  Once I felt rested, I gathered my friends around me (or rather, simply showed up to the write ins with you lovely folks) and I’m already on my way to getting back on track. Every word we write counts and we can’t let the fear of failure or disappointment get us down!

Need some tips to help you battle through Week 3? How about:

    • Keep writing! That’s right, don’t give up!
    • Follow the prompts in our prompt thread to get more words.
    • Trying switching to a different section or scene in your story. Writing out of order sometimes helps!
    • Attend a write in or three. (List below)
    • Have word wars in Chat NaNo. Collectively, just a few of us reached over 6,000 words at the last virtual write in.
    • Nominate a wrimo or yourself to get a shiny halo of strength and commitment.
    • Keep writing! (It bears repeating)


To help you with this effort, here are the next few write ins that are coming up:

Thursday 11-16 Write In

Where: Old Chicago (map)

When: 7pm – 10pm

Host: Your MLs 

*Heroic Write In*

Saturday 11-18
Where: Okemos Public Library (map)

When: 9 am to 7 pm

Prizes, potluck, coloring sheets, buttons and fun!

Please RSVP here

Please list your potluck items here.

Sunday 11-19
Come Write In
Where: Okemos Public Library (map)

When: Noon to 6 pm

Wednesday 11-22


Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)

When 7:00-9 pm

Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22


That’s all the update I have today, team! Let’s fight the good fight and bash those baddies with our words! 

Until next time,

Your Mission Control Word Power Commanders,

Courtney aka YuOfOwari22 along with

Annette aka Contemplative Cat

Week 2 Battle Plan

Week 2 Battle Plan


Hello NaNoLansing Superwriters,

This is Cat from Mission Control with an important announcement for you.

Together, our words have crushed Max Perfect and sent him off for the rest of the month! Well done! We couldn’t have done this without our combined efforts. Things are definitely looking up in our battle for Word Domination!

But Week 2 brings with it one of the worst villains of the Illiterasee – Lord Bloque! He has even made his way into Mission Control and I’ve had to battle his forces of evil. Lord Bloque is a tricky fellow. Also known as the Blank Lord of Oblivion and Quantum Unending Existentialism, he sweeps in to make us feel like we couldn’t write a novel if our life depended upon it. The Illiterasee know that we are the most vulnerable to Bloque’s influence during the week 2 slump.

How does he affect us? Let me tell you my story. This morning I looked at my manuscript and wanted to chuck it out the window. I hated my characters, couldn’t find where the story should go and stared at my computer screen for a half hour without typing. Even a word war set up by our friendly bot, Timmy in our regional chatroom couldn’t shake the feeling like it was hopeless. I couldn’t write. Why was I bothering? What was it all for anyway? But then I realized it was Lord Bloque coming to thwart my efforts and I wasn’t going to let him win!

Don’t you let him win either. If you can get through the week 2 blahs, it will get better. This is only the Illiterasee trying to win in the war for Word domination. Together we can kill off this evil villain too. But we have to keep writing!

So what can we do to beat Lord Bloque?


To help you with this effort, we have the following write ins scheduled and invited to.

Thursday 11-09 Write In

Where: Old Chicago (map)
When: 7pm – 10pm
Host: Your MLs

Saturday 11-11
There are TWO choices!

Where: Foster, Swift, Collins & Swift (map)
When: 10 – 2 pm
Host: Alexandria Sure
For more information see this thread.

Midway Madness
Where: R & B Books (map)
When: 10:30-4:30
Host: Flint Red Hots
For more information, see this thread.

Monday 11-13

Where: EL Public Library (map)
When: 10 am to Noon
Host: Your MLs

Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)
When: 7:30-9 pm
Host: Your MLs

Tuesday 11-14

Where: NaNoLansing Chat Room (Access Info here)
When 7:30-9 pm
Host: Your ML YuOfOwari22

ALSO for a special treat we have:

Heroic Write In

Saturday 11-18
Where: Okemos Public Library (map)
When: 9 am to 7 pm
Prizes, potluck, coloring sheets, buttons and fun!
Please RSVP here
Please list your potluck items here.

Well that’s it for now. Please pull out all your strategies for defeating the dreaded Week 2 slump and Lord Bloque.

Until next time,

Your Mission Control Word Power Commanders,
Annette aka Contemplative Cat along with
Courtney aka YuOfOwari22

Welcome to our 4 Region School of Wordcraft and Wizardry!

Welcome to our 4 Region School of Wordcraft and Wizardry!

4 Region School of Wordcraft and Wizardry
House Heads: Annette/Contemplative Cat (Gryffindor), Beth/lachattefatale (Ravenclaw), Heather/kdskid007 (Hufflepuff), Lori/Flyleaf (Slytherin)

This year we are joining with 3 other regions in a combined group experience.  The mechanics of NaNo remain the same, but there is some added fun with friendly competitions between houses.  You can read more about it here.

Bold Gryffindor from wild moor,
Fair Ravenclaw from glen,
Sweet Hufflepuff from valley broad,
Shrewd Slytherin from fen.
~ J.K. Rowling

Dear Wrimo Word Wizard,

We’re all of the sort to be sorted, and some may be unsorted yet, but your region’s ML has been sort of sorted, whether by truth or by circumstance. Each one represents a strong House, whether shrewd, sweet, bold, or fair. And each one will host a Common Room (Slytherin’s more of a lair). We’ll all share an intro and a quick hello, and hope you’re the sort who’ll drop in once you’re sorted to visit your own Common Room.

Beth/lachattefatale: RAVENCLAW- USA::Oregon::Albany-Corvallis
I’m Beth, and I’m a Ravenpuff. That is, when I take online Harry Potter quizzes, I usually score about 50% Ravenclaw, 48% Hufflepuff, 2%Gryffindor, and a lot of please-not-Slytherin-thank-you. I’ll be your head of Ravenclaw House this November, and you can join the best, most scholarly novelists in the Ravenclaw Common Room to meet other Ravenclaw writers from Oregon, Michigan, and Massachusetts. My co-ML and Head Prefect of Ravenclaw, Jen/Scrollwork will also be on hand to help demonstrate that even though we Ravenclaws are all lofty intellectuals (ha!), we know how to have a good time.

Annette/Contemplative Cat: GRYFFINDOR- USA::Michigan::Lansing
When I’ve taken sorting tests, I tend to fall closely between several houses.  Some days I’m more Gryffindor, others more Ravenclaw with the other two houses popping up occasionally.  But as the head of Gryffindor, I’ll bravely and loyally assist you, my fellow Gryffindorians, with all of my heart.  My Co-ML, Courtney (YuOfOwari22) will be assisting as our Head Prefect and although she has sorted in different houses, she will faithfully help all of our brave Gryffindor Word Wizards too.  Like Lori, this is my 10th year doing NaNo and my 5th as an ML.  (Pretty cool that we both started at the same time.)  Hopefully this will be my tenth win too.  (Don’t want to break that winning streak.) This 4 region endeavor is something we’ve never done before and it’s so very exciting.  I hope you have just as much fun with this as we’ve had planning it for you all!  So join our daring and courageous group as we forge ahead in this adventure called NaNoWriMo and don’t forget to come hang out in our Gryffindor tower.  The fire is blazing, the chairs are comfy and the view is wonderful!

Heather/kdskid007: HUFFLEPUFF- USA::Michigan::Flint
Hey all! I’m Heather, co-ML of Michigan’s Flint region. My fellow MLs, Meg and Wendi, and I all tend to get sorted into other houses (I have a mighty snake within my soul) but we all believe that writers are people of all sorts, and Hufflepuff aligns with that view, so we are thrilled to be heading Hufflepuff House. I’ve been at NaNo since 2008, and have been an ML of Flint since 2012. Wendi has been my co since 2013, and Meg was our unofficial ML in 2012, moved to Japan to teach for a couple years, and re-joined us on the ML team in 2015. Once you’re sorted, stop on by our Hufflepuff Common Room and chat with your fellow Badgers. (Even if you’re not in Hufflepuff, stop by our other threads and chat up our wrimos. They’re a friendly bunch.)

Lori/Flyleaf: SLYTHERIN- USA::Massachusetts::Cape Cod
I’ve never completely fit in any one group and Hogwarts is no exception. Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw and Slytherin, an extended quiz placed me in Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. I call myself a RavenSlytherPuff, but I’m channeling my Slytherin side for the month of November. And I can’t wait. 10 years as a NaNoWriMo, 5 years as an ML, this is the one I’m looking forward to most. I’ll be working on fresh rewrites for my completely restructured steampunk/dreampunk Alice interactive adventure while living as a noveling wizard who’s getting in touch with her inner Bellatrix. Yep, We’re All Mad Here. Slytherins, come join the madness, uh… fun in our dungeon. The password rhymes with cake. (Feel free to bring cake. Or butterbeer. Love that stuff.)
“You could be great, you know, it’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.” -Rowling

Yours sincerely,
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Lansing Regional Announcements

Online – Ring In NaNo Write In with your MLs
Come join your MLs in our online regional chat room 10-31-16 from 11 pm to 1 am.
We’ll help each other get started a jump start on our words.
You will need to register if you haven’t done so already.

Prefer an in person event tonight?
Join Hillary-Noelle at the EL IHop on Grand River Ave. 10-31-16 beginning at 11 pm and going until 1:30ish.

Other ML sponsored Write Ins:
Please check this thread for the latest updates on ML sponsored write ins and our regional calendar listed on our regional forum for all of the local write ins that we know of.

Want more online write ins?
Please fill out this survey to let us know your preferred times.

Need/want to be sorted?
Check out this thread for more information.

Want to graphically see how your word count compares with your fellow wrimos?
Post something on our NaNoLansing Friendly Competitive Word Count Graph- Faces


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Workshop Reminder, Write In Poll and Shiny New Site

Workshop Reminder, Write In Poll and Shiny New Site

Hey everyone,

Just a couple of quick announcements.

Plotting Workshop:

Thursday October 8th from 7 to 8:30 pm, Kelly Rogers (fellow wrimo, writer and coordinator of Capital City Writer’s Association Finish the Damn Book) will be helping us develop a great plot for our novels.
Come join us!
Where: Old Chicago Group Room (by left side of dining room) Okemos
When: Thursday October 8
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

Setting Workshop:

Thursday October 15th from 7 to 8:30 pm, Erin Bartles (writer, copy editer and Capital City Writer’s Association Board Member) will be helping us with settings.
Come join us!
Where: Old Chicago Group Room (by left side of dining room) Okemos
When: Thursday October 15
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm.

1st Write In of the Season:

Want to start off NaNo with a Saturday night Oct 31st to 2 am Sunday Nov 1st write in? Or would you rather have a day time write in on Sunday Nov 1st? Weigh in with your opinions at the 2015 write in thread.


While you’re over seeing our shiny new threads – be sure to say hello to everyone in our introduction thread.

Hope to see a lot of you tomorrow!

Annette aka Contemplative Cat
along with Alaina aka A_Rachelle
your NaNoLansing Municipal LIaisons (MLs)  aka your event coordinators, purveyors of fun, answerers of questions and senders of periodic regional messages to keep you in the loop.

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One More Week

One More Week

Only one week left until November! Take a deep breathe with me. Now let it out sloooowly. There we go. No need to hyperventilate. Everything will be okay. My desk is steadily being covered in more and more NaNo doo dads for you all. We’ve got Cauldron candy and goodie bag parts.

As we hit the home stretch of NaNo-preparation, here are a few things that you can do:

Come to our ‘Creating Believeable Dialog’ workshop

Tuesday, November 28, 7 pm
Old Chicago, Okemos

RSVP on the forums or through our Facebook event.

Check in on the Introductions Thread

Say hi to others in the region and let us know a little about yourself.

You can find the thread here.

RSVP for the Kick-Off Party

Saturday, November 1, 3-6pm
The Avenue Cafe (Gone Wired) 2021 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI

RSVP at Eventbrite and let us know you’ll be joining us for an afternoon of fun an writing.


Socializing – Our first hour will be spent getting to know each other with games and activities tbd.
Door Prizes – There will be several cool door prizes given away throughout the event.
Goodie Bags – Your very own NaNoLansing Survival Bag will be awaiting you filled with treats and helpful items.
Silent Auction – Please bring items to donate for our silent auction (and bring some cash so you can buy them). We already have some good looking items up for bidding. This is your chance to get some really nice stuff for a song of a price. It will run from 3-5 pm and bids will be cash only in $1 increments. (All proceeds will be donated to NaNoWriMo. For every $10 received, one broke wrimo will be chosen to receive a halo and donor badge under their name.)
Potluck – If you can, bring some food (no liquids) to share. If you can’t bring food, come anyway. We still want to see you!
Cauldron of Doom Word Wars – Draw a number from the cauldron and write away. If you reach your word count, you’ll get a prize and everyone gets something just from participating, including a great boost to your word count!

Questions? Ask them here.

Create your Novel

If you haven’t done this yet, make sure to go over to My NaNoWriMo and click ‘Create your novel’ in the ‘Announce your new novel’ banner or select ‘My Novels’ from the dropdown. This lets us know for sure that you plan to participate this year. Remember, you can always change the name of your novel later. What you choose right now is not a lifetime commitment.

That’s all for now. Get some sleep, stock up on supplies, and we’ll be seeing you soon!

Alaina (A_Rachelle) & Annette (Contemplative Cat)
Co-Municipal Liaisons, USA::Michigan::Lansing.
AKA your event coordinators, purveyors of fun, answerers of questions and senders of periodic regional messages to keep you in the loop.